April 2023 Dividend Updates

 April 2023 Dividend Updates

Wow!!! where have the time gone?  Time is flying by, with a new baby 2.0 Dividend Pursuit I barely have time while juggling work and rental properties.  I self manage these properties and this year we had one tenant moved out and now we have another one.  This time I will be hiring a contractor to do the work to turn the unit over.  We had a walk through this past Sunday and I am waiting for the quote so we can start working on the unit.  

But let us get back to the dividend collected in the month of April 2023.  

During April 2023, we collected a total of $792.70 in dividend wow!

The dividend was break down as follow: $738.40 in our taxable accounts and $54.30 in our tax advantage accounts.  

Just Amazing to see the dividend keep adding in the these accounts.

How did you do last month?  Did you had a good month?

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