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1 new stock added to sharebuilder!!!

After last post I was really excited to get over $500 in forward dividend payout. So I wasted no time to setup my weekly purchase on sharebuilder. I added shares to both my individual account as well to Roth. As we all know I will not rely on my Roth for early retirement and as such I not as concentrating as much on Roth IRA accounts, but I am contributing to my TSP account as a government employee at lower rate now of 5% and TSP ROTH 1% as I feel it's necessary for long term aspect of my retirement.

So without further ado here is what I purchase this week.
Starting with the new addition Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. is a real estate investment firm. The firm invests in the real estate markets of United States. It invests in healthcare facilities, primarily in long-term healthcare facilities in order to create its portfolio.

OHI $250.00 7.05 shares  @ 34.86
HCP $50.00  1.33 shares   @ 34.53
RDS.A $50.00  .88 shares  @ 52.13
OKE  $50.00   1.28 shares   @ 35.82

This will add $25.87 to my forward yearly dividend

Sharebuilder ROTH:
STAG. $45.00  2 shares  @ 20.44

This will add additional $ 2.76 to my forward dividend for a total of $528.03 in forward yearly dividend.

What do you think of recent purchases?

Thanks for reading?

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as a result. Please consult with an investment or tax professional before investing any of your money 

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