Dividend Pursuit Fund

Update on dividend Pursuit fund

We are almost coming to the of this year, I have consistently invested this year. I also have collect some fantastic stocks along the way. So what to do next? So far I collected 70 wonderful companies that I will continue to add more shares and built my dividend to reach FIRE.

So it is time to re-evaluate each stocks and evaluate why I own it. Does it fit and compliment my overall portfolio. Will it continue to provide continued dividend growth in the future? Is dividend sustainable for the next five or 10 years?

Eventually I am hoping to trim the stock fund to max of. 60 stocks by year end. I am down the line buy the same stocks as I do believe in them. The fund has come to a point where it is now to much to track while working full time and manage family activities and so forth.

What do you think of the concept above? Do you sell your share after purchasing? Is there a limit on your fund to how many stocks you hold?


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