Recent Purchase October 2018

Recent Purchase

As we enter the final quarter of the year, I will be buying mostly small amounts to keep adding shares on my current stocks in my fund. However, from time to time I may add a new position, this is mostly due to my current phase of accumulation. I strongly believe in buy and collect stocks at this phase. Sometimes I will be buying stocks at a bargain price, at other times it will be simple to start a position that I will continue to add shares down the line. It is with that kind of mind set that I will be starting the last quarter of the year.

So without further ado... Let us take a look at what I purchase recently in October 2018:

October 2, 2018
ABM 2 shares @ $32.51 total $65.02
KDP 8 shares @ $22.94 total 183.52

October 3, 2018
CPB 4 shares @ $36.64 total 146.56
October 8, 2018
BKE 2 shares @ $21.17 total 42.33
T 3 shares @ 34.08 total $102.24
VZ 2 shares @ 54.99 total $109.98
CAH 8 shares @ $54.52 total $436.16

Quite few collection of stocks that I added shares to continue to build passive income via dividend. These were mostly averaging down and continue building amount of shares I hold on each stocks, while keep collecting stellar dividend paying stocks.

With the current purchase I added $49.46 in forward yearly dividend. The current total is $1343.18. This is real money that I do not have to even lift a finger to collect.

CAH- Cardinal Health is a new position for me. I will continue to build this beaten down stocks recent market gyrations have seen this stock trade at close to its 52-week low of $48, the high end of 52-week market is $75. Hopefully it does not rebound while I am building this position. However, the stock is value much higher so bargains have to be had sometimes. Current Dividend Payout ratio is still in the low 40% of income so room to grown dividend here. The current dividend Yield sits around 3.89%. 

What are your thoughts on current purchases? What are you buying this month? Or are you staying on the sidelines due to market gyrations?

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