Recent Purchase September 2018 VI

Recent Purchase September 2018 VI

As the month of September came to an end. I had a few money left in the brokerage account so I decided to pull a trigger and add a few more shares and start a new position. It was a busy month I end up buy and adding most of the stocks I had been wanted to buy for awhile so it was definitely a positive month in that aspect. I continue to buy and build my dividend income. So let us take a look on what i purchase last week to end the month.

Without further ado... here is what I purchased:

September 25, 2018
PCH 5 shares @ $45.90 total $229.50

September 27, 2018
AGNC 2 shares @ $18.58 total $37.16

September 28, 2018
BNS 10 shares @ $59.52 total $595.19

Let star with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) or Scotiabank. BNS is one of Canada's biggest bank and is well diversified in Latin America, Caribbean and Asia-Pacific with well over 23 million customers. 
BNS just raised its dividend recently and went Ex-Dividend on October 1, 2018 and it is payable on October 29, 2018. This will add $26.36 after exchange rate conversion from Canadian to US dollar in forward yearly dividend.

PotlatchDeltic Corporation (PCH) or Potlatch is a diversified forest company headquarter in Spokane, WA. It manufactures and sells lumber, panels and particleboard and receives revenue from other assets such as mineral rights and the leasing of land as well as the sale of land considered expendable. In February 2018. Potlatch acquired Deltic Timber Corp., a smaller Arkansas-based timber company. Following the merger, the company was renamed PotlatchDeltic. PCH current policy to return money to shareholder via Dividend, special dividend and Share repurchase program is a welcome news to any investor. I missed the last dividend payout, but I look forward to future dividend payout. This will add $8.00 to my forward yearly dividend.

AGNC, is a Residential Mortgage REIT company. The following is from their 2017 annual report:

"2017 was a tremendously successful year for AGNC and our stockholders. For the year, AGNC generated an economic return of 12.1%, comprised of dividends of $2.16 per common share and $0.19 per common share of tangible net asset value appreciation. 1 AGNC’s total stock return, which includes the price appreciation on our common stock and assumes dividend reinvestment, was 23.7% for the year"

With this purchase my total shares is now at 12. Total forward  yearly dividend is now at $25.92.

My current forward yearly dividend is now at $1293.72 with the purchase above.

What do you think of current purchase?
What are you buying now?

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