Recent Purchase II October 2018

Recent Purchase II & and Dividend Raises.

Another week and another dollar assigned to be a soldier in my fund. Dollar never sleeps, so I can sleep like a baby and collect dividend. With the market current volatility, it is easier to sit on the side line and have the wait and see attitude. However, I am comfortable adding more funds to my current holding and keep adding dividend to fuel my future Financial Independent Retire Early (FIRE).

Let us review what I added this week with my second purchase. Although this was a small purchases compare with my last purchase, it will add dividend income and contribute to future growth and compound over the long haul.

Without further ado... here is what I  purchased:

October 11, 2018
COP 2 shares @ $73.78 total $147.56
ABBV 1 shares @ $91.97
DLNG 4 shares @ $8.58 total $34.32

October 12, 2018
DLNG 1 shares @ $8.51

These purchase was mostly to average down on my cost average overall, except for COP. But due to Market volatility I took advantage to average down and buy a dip here.

Abbvie -ABBV the maker of Humira is a dominant in its field. Humira is a medication used to treat rheumatoid arthritispsoriatic arthritisankylosing spondylitisCrohn's diseaseulcerative colitis, chronic psoriasishidradenitis suppurativa, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis. The drug makes around $20 Billion dollars a year, although many patent protection in different countries will either expire soon or has already expired like the US in 2016. ABBV has continue to spend on R &D which will contribute to more drugs in the pipeline soon. The Stock has traded between $85 to $125 in the last year. So current price $91 a the time of purchase is a good deal in my eyes. The P/E ratio is at 22 i would like for that to be under 20 but given the fact this is a leading provider with room to grow, I am comfortable here. Current Dividend Yield is at 2.72% with room to continue growing their dividend. With this purchase my total shares is now 13. This will add $3.84 in forward yearly dividend.

Conoco Phillips -COP It is the world's largest independent pure-play exploration and production company. ConocoPhillips focuses solely on exploring for, developing and producing oil and natural gas globally. The company manages its operations through six operating segments, which are defined by geographic region: Alaska, Lower 48 and Latin America, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East, and Other International. After recent down fall oil prices in 2016-2017, COP has paid down debt and are now on focus shareholder value through dividend increases and share buyback.  With the purchase my total shares is now 7. Current P/E is at 19 and Dividend Yield at current price is around 1.93% future dividend raises are coming. This will add $2.28 in forward yearly dividend. 

Dynagas LNG Partners LP -DLNG the following is from DLNG website "We are a growth-oriented limited partnership focused on owning and operating high specification and versatile LNG carriers that are employed on multi-year contracts with international energy companies, providing us with the benefits of stable cash flows and high utilization rates. We define charters of two years or more as multi-year charters."

My current total shares is 19. P/E is high at 31 and the Dividend Yield is currently at 15.56% I will continue to monitor to see if the dividend will be sustainable for next 3 years. This will add $5.00 in forward dividend.

Few stocks have decided to raise my pay in the next few weeks in form of dividend increases. COP raised its dividend by 7% from $0.285 to $0.305 this will add $0.56 to my yearly dividend. The Ex-Dividend date will be October 12 and payable on December 3.

Also International paper (IP) has also decide to show me some love with a dividend increase. IP raised dividend from $0.475 to $0.50 a 5.3% increase. Ex-Dividend will be November 14 and payable on December 14. Current Yield will be 4.48%. With the increase my Forward Yearly Dividend was Increase by $0.30. Not much but I will take it.

Current forward yearly dividend projection is now at $1355.16.

Do you own this stocks on your fund?
What do you think of recent purchases? Are you on the sidelines with the current market gyrations and volatility?

What are you buying now?

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