New Purchase IV October 2018 & dividend raises

New Purchase IV & Dividend Raises

As we continue to wind down to the end of 2018, it was time to put more capital to work and continue to built my dividend. The market gyrations continue to be in a tail spin, however it is best to ignore all the daily noises market presents and focus on buying stable companies who continually grown their dividend. It is we that mind set that I continue to buy and add more shares to companies I already own when value presents itself.

Without further is what I purchase last week.

October 24, 2018
HEP 3 shares @ $31.51 total $94.54
WES 4 shares @ $44.38 total $177.52
CFG 4 shares @ $36.02 total $144.08

I have long being a fan of Citizens Bank (CFG), and now that it is a standalone bank and distance it self from (RBS) Royal Bank of Scotland. It has continue to grown it's dividend, not to mention it is the leading New England regional bank. Current dividend of $0.27 a share yields just over 3.09%, this purchase will add $4.32 in forward yearly dividend.

Holly Energy partners (HEP) has recently raised it's dividend from $0.66 to $0.665 a .08% not what I was expecting, never the less a raise is a raise. With this purchase I will add $7.98 in forward yearly dividend.

Western Gas Partners (WES) has also raise it's dividend from $0.95 to $0.965 a 1.6% increase. They continue to raise dividend year after year and the price is down at the moment so great time to add more shares. This will add $15.44 in forward yearly dividend.

Principal Financial Group (PFG) has also raise it's dividend from $0.53 to $0.54 a 1.9% increase from last quarter. The current dividend yield is now at 4.37%, very juice, thank you I will take that and maybe by more here, time will tell.

Merck & Co. (MRK) has also decide to give us a raise since by boss will not give me a raise this year, I will take one via my dividend stocks who show me some love here. The dividend will be raised from $0.48 to $.055 a whopping 14.6% increase wow, current yield is now at 3.12%.

With this purchase and the dividend raise that I will be receiving will add $46.22 in my forward yearly dividend.

Truly amazing the power of compounding and buy stable companies who show some love to shareholders. This will buy me one (1) hour of my time at work.

What do you think of recent purchases? What are you buying lately?

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