March 2018 Watch List

March 2018 Watch List
New month is almost halfway over I still have no make any purchases mostly due to what are available to purchase and timing. Also one of my tenants may be in her last month so I have not had Time to dedicate to investing and spend most of the time make updates around the house for a new lease that was signed at the beginning of the month. More to come on the lease at a later post.

For this month I will probably most likely invest on current holdings, which are mostly REIT. However, Mr. Market can always change that due to market volatility and other world and national events that tend to move the market.

So here are some of the items on my watch list: LTC, MAIN, O and STAG.
However, there are others that I may initiated a position. Some that I have been watching is CB, QCOM, DLR, TD, WPC and BNS.

Hopefully there will be plenty of cash to initiate one position and add to at least 2 of my investment.

What are you planning to buy?

Cheer happy investing.

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Disclaimer: Long on LTC, MAIN, O, STAG and QCOM.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as a result. Please consult with an investment or tax professional before investing any of your money


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