Recent Purchase III March 2018

Recent Purchase III

As we close on another month it was time to add to my investement and deploy fresh capital to work for me. Last weeks vacation to Dominican Replublic has instill in me the desire to achieve early retirement sooner rather than later, its with that mind set that I deploy fresh new capital to work as hard as I do.

As we all know timing the market is never a good combination. With current market conditions and daily gyrations and swings on the market, I firmly believe one needs to constantly make purchases and not try to time the market. As long term investor can agree the over long haul the market returns are higher versus trying to time when to get in and out. Plus the dividend compounding and regular dividend increases greatly increases an investors return.

Without any further ado here is what I purchase this week:

March 27, 2018
EPR 3.63 shares @ $53.96 +$3.95 = $200.00
WPC 4.80 shares @ $61.64 + $3.95 = $300.00
VTR 5.07 shares @ $48.46 + $3.95 = $250.00
BNS 4.83 shares @ $61.19 + $3.95 = $300.00

I continue to add to WP Carey and three (3) others new holdings that I will continue to add shares to long term. They will be the cornerstone of my early retirement fund.

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