February 2018 Dividend Update

February 2018 Dividend Update

With February ending so soon, which barely leaves time to count the dividend. Only 28 days leaves one wondering where did the time go. But this is why we invest in dividend paying stocks to keep up with inflation to be blue to reach our early retirement goal.
So without further ado lets recap on my passive income which i know track rental income provide by rental property.

February Dividend:
MAIN $1.84
OHI $2.32
LTC $2.02
STAG $3.93
PBA $.43
Total $10.54
This is real money that I did not have to do anything to receive this money. All I did was starting to investing in the above stocks and wait to collect the dividend, which I intend to grow over time.

Rental Property:
Total Cash flow for the month $356.00 and total passive income of $366.54. This is real money, in fact it covers my monthly car payment and leaves some to cover my monthly parking and bus ride to work.

How did you do last month?

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