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Raises update
With August firmly on the books, it's time to catch up with recent activity within my portofolio to review where we going, and plan ahead towards year end to meet each goals outline from the outset. What better way to start then to review recent dividend increases announcements. Since everyone on the planet loves to receive a raise here and there just to maybe keep up with inflation. The cost of living has been on a rise in the last 15 years at an increditable pace. 

This is one reason I love the aspect of investing in dividend growth stocks. They at least try to keep up with inflation and the power of compounding takes over like a snow ball effect. So without further ado let's review some recent raises announcements.

K from .50 to .52 a 4% increase announced back in July 29, 2016. The Ex-Div Aug 30 Payable Sept 15

KHC from .575 to .60 a 4.3% increase Ex-Div Aug 24 payable Oct 7

ITW from .55 to .65 a 18% increase Ex-Div Sept 28 payable Oct 6

BNS from C$.72 to C$.74 a 2.8% Increase Ex-Div Sep 30 payable Oct 27

VZ from .567 to .5775 a 2.2% increase Ex-Div Oct 5 payable Nov 1

Amazing receiving a raise without lifting a finger to at least keep up with the federal target inflation rate of 2%. I will definetelly take that anyway.

My forward yearly divided is now $954.83 after the $4.68 increase in dividend this will go towards compounding my dividend that I will be receiving going forward.

How about you have you received any recent dividend increases?

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

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