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Dividend Update - November 2016

Dividend Update -November 2016
Every Dividend Investor favorite time of the month. For me it has a more special meaning since November 29, 2015 was my very first article on this blog. So not only we counting our dividend but also looking back and see what we achieve in our one year anniversary has a special meaning.

It has been a busy month stay active every week, since the month had five available Sharebuilder weekly plan to invest, I fully took advantage of it. Now without further ado lets count those dividends. So here is the list:

11/01     DE 2.42
           VZ 9.96
11/4         QCP 71.93
11/10 WES 0.67
        HEP 0.82
11/14   ETP 4.43
        OKE 5.79
11/15 MAIN 4.58
           PG 3.72
        SUN 4.23
         OHI 12.38
11/21 HCN 1.87
        CAT 6.99
11/25 HCP 8.19
11/28    RY 0.93            SHAREBUILDER TOTAL 138.91
11/01       T 6.32
11/10 AXP 0.35
11/14 KNOP 2.26
11/15 ABT 1.32
11/17    SIR 1.3
11/18 ETN 0.75
            NI 0.34
11/28 GOV 2.03
11/29 BMO 0.45                        IRA TOTAL 15.12
11/01            TD 1.77
               WDR 5.71
11/10          TOO 1.41
11/14         CLX 0.61
                 PBA 0.34
11/15            CL 0.74
                STAG 1.55
                   EV 0.69
               NNN 0.41
11/18          BLX 0.64
11/21           TIS 0.62
11/22        FAST 1.03
              PAYX 0.5
11/25         COF 0.53
              CLDT 1.03
11/30/2016 cms          0.55 ROTH TOTAL 18.13
Grand Total 172.16

Wow what a month set a new record in dividend $100.23 in divided and $71.93 is split stocks from new stock QCP which all sold towards the end of the month nevertheless $172.16 in total dividend received.

Since its my first year of investing lets compare to last November where I collected $52.09 wow that is an 89% increase year over year (YOY). This definitely shows the power of compounding over long term. I am bless to be in this position and look forward where all my expenses will be care for by these dividends.

How did you do last month?

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