Buys this month November 2015

I just started investing using loyal3 to purchase quality dividend growth stocks here. I will make some purchases here till I max out this account. Loyal3 is not real-time if you don't mind that, but its a no fee broker.

So far I chosen Disney, Kellogg's, Mcdonald's, Wal-Mart and VF Corporation to start my journey. Each of this company have been consistently increase their dividend for years now.

DIS =$ 25.00
K = $50.00
MCD = $50.00
VFC = $ 10.00
WMT = $ 10.00

If you notice this are small purchases, but the idea is that one constantly invest and the power of compounding takes over with time and patience. Money never sleeps while I need to constantly sleep due to my job requirement.

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