Recent purchase IV -November 2016

Recent purchase IV

As most of you already know I use Sharebuilder or capitalone investing if you prefer as my choice of broker. The reason been able to set aside as little amount I could afford for the week to invest in their weekly Sharebuilder plan. Given that fact I really enjoy months with five weeks to add to my investment, which means more opportunity to built dividend for the future and be able to reach ones goal that much faster.

So here is what I purchase last two weeks:

WPC $100 1.62 shares @ $59.25
UNP $100 .95 shares @ $100.49

ROTH Sharebuilder
STAG $50 1.99 shares @ $23.14

$50 1.93 shares @ $23.84

IRA Sharebuilder
UVE $50 1.84 shares @ $24.95
DGAS $50 1.77 shares @ $25.88
CSX $50 1.32 shares  $34.80

UVE $50 1.84 shares @ $24.99
DGAS $50 1.72 shares @ $26.66
CSX $50 1.31 shares @ $34.90

Stay tune because I may still pull a trigger on a regular purchase due to fact that I forgot to change my weekly Sharebuilder plan. I am currently under medication which makes me drowsy, by the time I woke up yesterday it was 5 pm which is the deadline to setup weekly plans. Oh well I live with this purchases since I would eventually buy more and build up shares here.

The one expection here is WPC which just trigger a ash sale in my account. I was hoping to save on my 2016, since paying over 18,000 last year i need to start looking at ways to save on my tax. One way is to sell stocks at a loss which i hate to do since that's the time to buy more.

But in honor of been honest I decide last Friday to start selling stocks for loss to lower my tax here are some that I have sold so far and more to more next on the I am sure.

OHI 20.72 shares @ $28.91
HCP 22.40 shares @ $29.24
SUN 5.30 shares @ $21.78
GSK 4.88 shares @ $38.85
HCN 2.19 shares @ $62.55
WPC 10.66 shares @ $59.10
TUP 2.72 shares @ $59.22
HEP 1.4 shares @ $32.86
QCP 4.42 shares @ $14.57
WES .8 shares @ $ 56.63

With all this activity my forward yearly dividend is now at $934.99. Which means i have 1 month to now catch up on my goal to reach $1000 in forward dividend. Very achievable will see with all the holidays if i can come close.

Of course I will buy most of these stocks before year end after 30 days wash sale rule ends.

What do you think of recent moves?
What are you buy?
Are you selling?

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Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed except for OHI, HCP, SUN, GSK, HCN, HEP, TUP, QCP and WES 

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as a result. Please consult with an investment or tax professional before investing any of your money.


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