Recent Purchase & Sell: January 5 to January11

Recent Purchase & Sell: January 5 -January 11

The Market continues to see some volatility! Although we have seem some recent market upswing of late. The gyrations on the market are just noise. As a long term investor, we have to keep the noise out and follow our formula and keep investing at our own pace.

There are currently many bargains in the market relative to what the prices were 3 to 6 months ago. But we have to pick the best current value for our capital and deploy them where it makes more sense to invest rather than chase the darlings of market..

Let us now review what I recently purchase this month.

Without further is what I purchased:

January 8, 2019
T 8 shares @ $31.31 total $250.48
TD 2 shares @ $51.14 total $102.29
BLX 1 shares @ 17.86

January 11, 2019
ABBV 2 shares @ $88.20 total $176.40

January 8, 2019
BMY 2 shares @ $47.93 total $95.86

I added to 3 of the stocks on my watch list for January 2019. 

AT&T (T) has been on sale for awhile and has been on my watch list for awhile as well. T is a must in any portfolio as it continually increases its dividend year-after-year. The purchase adds $16.32 in forward yearly dividend to my fund.

TD, I have long wanted to start adding shares here. This also helps me average down 5.83% from my initial purchase. The purchase also adds $5.36 in forward yearly dividend.

BLX, I continue to add shares here. BLX is my best option to invest in Central America. The purchase adds $1.54 to my forward yearly dividend.

ABBV, this is also average down on my purchase. If I loved it at $94 and $95 dollars, I definitely love it at $88. 

ABBV, has also increase their dividend from $0.96 to $1.07. A whopping 11.5% increase. Got to love it when companies share their wealth either via dividend payout or raises every year. This more than cover yearly inflation. The purchase adds $14.28 in forward yearly dividend.


BMY, the only reason I sold now is to trim the numbers of stocks I hold in my fund. It simply comes down to time of research and complimentary stocks. I also had a number of pharmaceutical which made this on easy sell. I also want to buy the must buy in the sector in the near future so did not want to have a heavy wait in the sector at this point in the accumulation phase.

All in all the current purchase, Dividend increase and sell, increases my yearly dividend by $69.39. My forward yearly dividend is now $1733.03.

What do you think of recent purchases?
What are you buying this month?

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Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed, except for BMY.

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