Recent Raises

Recent Raises

As a federal employee, I have not talk about the government shutdown much. The shutdown will surely start o affect a lot of my employees starting next week. Tomorrow is the end of the pay period and with the furlough hiatus much of the payroll paperwork will not be processes. Majority of my employees in the 90% range live paycheck to paycheck, they count with their paycheck to survive and pay much of their financial obligations. 

My Job requires that I work without pay as an exempted employee. Although the gig economy allows a person to pick up gigs here and there we cannot since we working with a paycheck for the time being. I learn back in 2013 to work in savings and not depend on my paycheck, by having a six (6) month emergency money. Most of my employees are not so fortunate to have a cushion.

So there goes my shutdown rant! Now lets focus on what is more important to me. Building a passive income that will support me and my family. I have to assets that I concentrate on, Rental income and Dividend paying stocks.

In the last few months few of the stocks I hold, have share news with us that they will raise their dividend. Thus sharing some of their wealth with me, the shareholder. The government is in the shutdown mode, so is my salary, I will not receive another raise this year. However, my dividend paying stocks, will give me a raise in form of dividend increases.

Let us review some new names: 

Dominion Energy (D) 9.9% increase from $0.835 to $0.9175 current yield is at 4.8% and this will also raise my yearly dividend by $5.00.

AT&T (T) 2% increase from $0.50 to $0.51 current yield 6.82% also raises my dividend by $0.40 in yearly dividend.

Realty Income Corporation (O) 0.2% increase. O is a monthly paying dividend and this will raise its monthly dividend from $0.2205 to $0.221, this will raise by $0.12.

Abbott Laboratories (ABT) 14.3% increase from $0.28 to $0.32, this adds $0.80 to my forward yearly dividend.

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) 2.5% increase from $0.40 to $0.41, this will only add $0.08 in my forward yearly dividend.

This are small increases, but the power of compounding is powerful and can build wealth over long term. That is my intentions to hold and accumulate assets to grow my passive income year after year.

The increases adds $5.55 in forward yearly dividend to my Dividend pursuit fund.

Do you share any of this names? Are others paying?

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Dividend Pursuit

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

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