Raises January 2019

January 2019 Raises

As we start a new year, with new goals to achieve to start the year. However, there is not a better news than to find out that the stocks you hold will reward you in form of dividend increases to start the year.

As a Federal Employee, this is a great news. I am currently a Exempt employee, which requires me to work without pay for now until a Government Fiscal Year Funding or Continue Resolution (CR) is passed. 

Lets review few stocks who just announced dividend increases to start the year.


Consolidated Edison Inc. (ED) just raised their dividend from $0.715 to $0.74, that is 3.5% raised from last quarter. The raise adds $0.20 to my forward yearly dividend.

Fastenal Company (FAST) also raised their dividend from $0.40 to $0.43 a 7.5% increase. My forward yearly dividend is now at $1.20 in forward yearly dividend.

ONEOK, INC (OKE) The dividend was also raised here from $0.855 to $0.86 a mere 0.6% increase. But raise is a raise, I will take it since I am not currently getting paid from my W-2 employer. the Dividend adds $0.12 in forward yearly dividend.

EPR Properties (EPR) announced a raise from $0.36 to $0.375 a 4.2% increase from last year. The current dividend will add $2.16 in forward yearly dividend.

Realty Income Corporation (O) the big O continues to amaze me, as it continue to raise its dividend month after month of paying dividend for a record time, now it goes up from $0.221 to $0.2255 which is 2% increase to keep up with inflation. The current dividend will add $0.54 to my yearly dividend.

Citizens Financial Group (CFG) for awhile now I coveted owing this stock. Now that I do, they continue to amaze me with current 18.5% raise on it's dividend. The current dividend went from $0.27 to $0.32, this adds $2.00 to my forward yearly dividend.

What is amazing about the raises, is that I did not have to do anything, but I had to have the fortitude to buy these stocks and they are rewarding me handsomely.

Do you own some of this stocks? What do you think of recent raises? Did you receive any recent raises?

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Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed above.

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