Recent Purchase November 17-December 4 2018

Recent Purchase November 17 - December 4 

The Market volatility continues to make headwinds. It seems this days that every expert and analysts has difference of opinion on how to proceed during the volatility. However, any long term investors need to stomach the pain that the market may bring on the downswing and be prepared to save cash for the down-market where opportunity will present it self to add more shares to moat stocks, that can be bought and hold for long term.

It has been awhile since I made an update on recent purchases. It is now that time to see where capital were deployed and how this impact the portfolio. The goal of sell stocks to minimize the number of stocks on the portfolio is still of goal of mine. I will continue to trim positions and deploy the funds to stocks I envision holding for long term (10- years or more). 

Also on my mind is the current situation with Robin Hood, clearing house. They switched last month from APEX to their own clearing house Robin Hood Financial. Last month my dividend payout did not paid on the date promise. There has been multiple back and forth with them to ratify this. I just was not expecting to do that after switching from Capital One Investing. However, I do like the fact the transactions are free. So will wait and see how things develop on that end.

However, during this period I did not sell any new stocks, but made four (4) small purchases to continue to grow my portfolio. Coming off a record month in dividend collected will surely add more fire to the burning desire to reach my milestone "FIRE" sooner rather than later. 

Now let us take a look at what I purchase without any further ado....Here is what I purchase last period:

November 20, 2018
ADM 3 shares @ $45.70 total $137.70

November 28, 2018
AGNC 6 shares @ $17.74 total $106.44

November 29, 2018
PFG 6 shares @ $49.70 total $298.20

December 4, 2018
QCOM 3 shares @ $57.79 total $173.37

The purchase brings my total forward yearly dividend to $1565.89, after adding $37.38, with this purchase. ADM purchase added $4.02, in forward yearly dividend. AGNC purchase adds $12.96, in forward yearly dividend. PFG purchase adds $12.96, in forward yearly dividend. QCOM purchase adds $7.44, in forward yearly dividend.

What do you think of recent purchase?
What are you planning or buying now?
Are you staying in the side lines or buying with the current market volatility?

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