March 2022 Dividend Update

 March 2022 Dividend Update

Albufera, Portugal

    With some many terrible news around the world it is so hard to even talk about money and dividend collected.  Oil Price so high world wide has really impact individual and family budgets worldwide.  The War in Ukraine and the devastation and the loss of human life only dampens the desired to watch TV.  I have been avoid watch the news as there are no good news on TV.  

However, we cannot control most of what happens worldwide, this only enforce the idea to plan for the future and hope for the best.  One way my family does this is to plan our Financial Freedom Retire Early (FIRE), we tend to focus on the FI part by investing in the market and real estate.  I don't report our real estate holding much here just as I don't plan to count with our Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) government form of 401K I am investing in as a government employee.  But we do focus on our passive dividend income, which we report monthly here.

                                                                    Sagres, Portugal

Last month we had a busy month.  We spend 10 days in Algarve region, Portugal and two (2) days in Lisbon.  The food was incredible good and this allowed us to recharge our batteries and refocus our energy as we return back to the states.  Maintenance also occupy three (3) of my days off from my Job, but this also create enough passive income on the real state side to fund our travel, couple with the points earn in our Capital one Venture credit card.

Without further ado let us review dividend collected last month via all our accounts:

We collected a total of $618.03 in dividend last month and for the quarter one (Q1) we collected a total of 1570.49 in dividend. 

How did you do last month?  Did you had a great month as well?

Let us now review where the dividends came from.  We collected $87.83 from our taxable advantage accounts. We also collected $530.20 in out taxable accounts. 

Now let us review what we could have cover in our expenses side of the ledger.

We could had paid our Car loan $399.40, our Verizon internet service $74.99, fill the tank in our Toyota Tacoma once $72.00 and I paid my EZ- Pass $50.00, still leaving $21.64 for lunch.

Overall we had great month.  We also sold and took some profits from XOM, CVX, EOG and CFG.  The Profits we re-invested in some laggards stocks and we also initiate some new positions.

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