February 2022 Dividend Update

 February 2022 Dividend Update

    With so many issues going on around the world Mr. Market have been experience a lot of volatile

 in the last month.  With current war in Ukraine, you can only feel for the people of Ukraine and hope they are ok.  While this has create a volatility in the market, we keep see our net worth keep increasing despite all the negative news that has the market seasaw on a daily basis, of course this is mostly due to our rental portfolio.  However, this is a new month and it is time to report and review my last month dividend income that was earn passively.  

Let's review it without further ado:

Last month we collected $505.30, wow another month over $500 collected passively and $952.56, year-to-date. 

We received $349.44, in our taxable accounts and $155.86 in our tax advantage accounts. 
How did you do last month?  I hope you also had a great month.

Now let us review what bills we could had pay last month?  For starters we could had pay our car payment $399.00, Verizon high speed internet $74.99 and gas bill was $27.42.  So we could had cover three (3) bills if we had choose to take the dividend in payment, Instead we are currently re-invest all the dividend back in the stocks.  This may change In the future were we take the dividend and reinvest in stocks that are down instead of up to lower our cost basis.

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