Dividend Update for month of April 2022

 Dividend Update April 2022

New month, Mr. Market continue to be very volatile, the Inflation, the war in Ukraine and many more worthy news daily that can cause fear and panic to sell.  However, we are mostly buy and hold investors.  But this does not mean we do not sell when necessary.  Last month and half we sold few positions only to diversify our holdings.  Overall I am pretty content with our current holdings.  Some positions took a nose dive with the current market volatility which only cemented by thought process to diversify, since we purchase some of those holding back in March 2020 and April 2020, so we were at the high end of some of those stocks.

However, it is a new month so without further ado let us review last month total dividend collected for the month of April 2022.

Last month we collected a total of $554.74.  Wow, That is three (3) months in a row with over $500 in dividend.  We also have collected year -to-date a total of $2125.23 in dividend this year so far.

Dividend PursuitJanuary 2022February 2022March 2022April 2022
TAX Advantage$100.67$141.73$87.46$92.86
HSA account$12.83$14.13$0.37$0.00
Mrs. Dividend Pursuit$82.82$78.70$72.27$84.32
Individual $248.88$270.30$454.98$376.81
M1 Finance$1.96$0.44$2.95$0.75
TOTAL $447.16$505.30$618.03$554.74

We collected in $92.86, in our tax advantage accounts and we also collected $461.88 in our taxable accounts.  We continue to see growth each month compared to previous year amount this month we increased our dividend 64% from April 2021.  The power of compounding with new investment is fueling our dividend increases.

How did you do last month, did you had a great month as well?

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