September 2018 Purchase

September 2018 Purchase

A new month and what better way to start the month than make my first purchases of the month. Lets review what I purchase so far this month to add to my growing dividend portfolio.

So without further ado... here is what I purchase this month so far:

September 5, 2018
D 15 shares @ $72.08 total $1081.20
BHP 20 shares @ $46.77 total $935.38
PEP 5 shares @ $113.12 total $565.60
CHL 7 shares @ $47.78 total $334.45

Wow my biggest purchase in one day to date in awhile. Total spend $2916.63. It is amazing that I am able to do this and buy out time out of my forty hour work week. Dividend accumulated here will free up time that I will need to spend at work down the line. What a better way to start the month, than with a bang.

I long wanted to buy all this stocks here is how much dividend I accumulate with this purchase:
The 15 shares on Dominion Energy (D) will add $50.1 to my forward yearly dividend.

BHP Biliton (BHP) 20 shares will add $50.40 in forward dividend.

Pepsi (PEP) 5 shares will add $18.55 in forward yearly dividend.

China Mobile limited (CHL) 7 shares will add $29.31 in forward dividend.

So with this purchases I will add $148.36 in forward dividend.

What do you think of current purchase?
What are you buying now?

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