September 2018 Purchase II

Vacation Labor day weekend. September 2018 Purchase II

On this somber day of September 11, 2018. A time to pause, ponder and reflect on the tragic events of September 11, 2001. I took the time to reflect on life and plan for next few months on potential to do list, Stocks buys and other ventures with our real estate holdings. I was also able to reflect on this past summer, and start to plan for next summer on what we could potential plan to do.

As the summer came to an end, we took our last vacation this time we visited the beautiful Niagara Falls. It was definitely tremendous to see the nature in person. To experience the water falls and be able to enjoy it with family was a definitely a blessing. The mini vacation does motivate me to continue to build my passive income, so one day I am able to rely and live me life without worrying about the financial aspect of life.

We also visited the Niagara Falls Aquarium, which was the highlight for Junior. Ever since shark week, he has been fascinated by sharks. Below he admires a shark!

Now that Junior has return to school full time, I should have more time to invest and research stocks I wish to buy. Today I took a different approach and add more shares to current holdings. I kind of did not plan to do so, but did not find any opportunity to deploy capital in any new stocks, so this is the best approach for now. So lets see what I purchase today as the market came to a close.

Without any further ado... here is what I purchase on:

September 11, 2018
LEG 5 shares @ $46.28 total $231.38
GE 15 shares @ $12.36 total $185.32
MAIN 9 Shares @ $39.61 total $356.47
LTC 3 Shares @ $45.46 total $136.38
MRK 3 shares @ $69.16 total $207.50

Total Invested $1118.05 commission free of course since I am using Robin Hood (RH) to trade and buy stocks. You can also use the free app by clicking the link and sign up with RH.

LEG purchase of 5 shares will add $7.60 to my forward yearly dividend, total shares now held is 10.
GE purchase of 15 shares will add $7.20 to my forward yearly dividend, total shares hold is now 37.
MAIN purchase of 9 shares will add $21.06 to my forward yearly dividend, total shares now held is 20.  Three (3) shares of LTC purchase will add $6.84 to forward yearly dividend, total shares hold is now 7. Three (3) shares of MRK purchase will add $5.76 to my forward yearly dividend, total shares now held is 5.

The purchase serve mostly to add shares and average down on some of my holdings like MAIN and GE. Both continue to laggard behind most industry peers. I do believe in both holdings long term and I am patient enough to wait five (5) years on both holdings, while I buy quality stocks I do tend to buy beat down stocks at time.

With the purchase my forward yearly dividend is now at $939.47. The fund will continue to buy stocks and hold for long term unless the dividend are cut. 

What do you think of current purchase?
What are you buying now?

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