August 2018 Purchase III

August 2018 Purchase III

As we get ready to finish the summer and get back to our daily routine and this year junior will also start kindergarten so our schedule will be a little bit different. However, this is the reason why I invest in dividend paying stocks. In hope that it will fuel my FIRE, and achieve the early retirement, free up more time to spend with the family, engage in other activities and pursuit other interest in our life's.

We have a little over two (2) weeks before Junior start Kindergarten, So we been busy doing allot of activities he likes to do, going to the beach and I also have taken time to prepare our finances and invest some of our reserves cash to built our dividend income the rental cash flow should start to go up this month as well.

I am now using robin hood (RH) exclusively to invest in stocks I find there is value, pays dividend and continue to grow their dividend year after year. 
Now without further ado... lets look what else I purchase this month:

August 15, 2018
SO 10 shares @ $47.07 total $470.70

August 17, 2018
MAIN 11 shares @ $40.60 total $446.59
LTC 4 shares @ $45.84 total $183.36
CMI 2 shares @ $143.52 total $287.04
PSX 3 shares @ $115.45 total 346.34
AFL 6 shares @ $46.72 total $280.32

I like to call this a collection of superb companies, that I have been adding to my FIRE fund or dividend pursuit to reach the ultimate milestone. Any of this names on your list to buy?

What do you think of recent purchase?  What are you buying now?

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