August 2018 Purchase II

August 2018 Purchase II

So we are now in entering the third (3) week of August, the summer is winding down, the weather has been horrible the last 3 days for sure in Boston Area. So what is one to do but, to continue adding and accumulate stocks to hold for long term. They will surely fuel my desire to reach FIRE sooner rather than latter.

So without further is what I purchase to start the week:

August 13, 2018
ED 2 shares @ $78.96 total $157.92
IP 3 shares @ $51.53 total $154.59
ADM 4 shares @ $49.35 total $197.40

Another wonderful collection, which I plan to built more shares to hold for long term. I also keep on buying utilities as the necessities of electricity, gas and oil are essential for anyone in the planet this days. It is hard to actually do anything now a days without electric companies who supply power to millions of customer in any given geography area. I would really like to add 2 more electric utilities company to my portfolio. 

What do you think of recent purchases? What are you buying?

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