June 2018 Buy III

June 2018 Buy III

It has been a busy beginning of the month. This is mostly due to upcoming home purchase, scheduled to close towards the end of the month. So, I have been taking advantage of last month positive cash flow to deploy the capital to buy more equities, which produces more cash flow in form of dividend payment down the road. So, in theory I am using other people's money to invest both in real estate and stock market, while building my cash reserves back up to a six (6) Month cushion.

So, to that end I made my third purchase of the month. This time I stick to one of my holdings and kept building more shares. There are a lot of opportunity out there however I am sticking with current holdings for now and building the amount of shares I own here on this account. Later this month or even next month I will be using a new broker, which should be lower fees and will instead use the saving to add more shares.

So, without any further ado here is what I purchase with my third purchase this month:
June 12, 2018

DLR .8779 shares @ $109.40 + $3.95 Commission = $100.00

Digital Realty owns, acquires, develops and manages technology-related real estate. The company is focused on providing data center, collocation and interconnection solutions for domestic and international tenants across a variety of industry verticals ranging from financial services, cloud and information technology services, to manufacturing, energy, health care, and consumer products. They are the 7th largest REIT trade company and most importantly have increase dividend for 13th year on a roll. Current dividend yield currently is at 3.72%, this seems low at current market condition. But it is higher than current government projection of inflation, so I will take that for sure.
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