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Time to Collect Dividend

As the month of June concludes its time for my favorite time of the month. Time to count dividend received and where we go from here to reach the ultimate goal of early retirement and freedom from daily Job.
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Count them 32 different companies send me a small check for my foresight to invest in them and my future. It's better to count with 32 different as heck them single paycheck any day. The most important aspect is I did not had to work for it but wisely invest little by little of my excess cash in the wonderful companies.

date          ticker amount
6/1/2016   INTC 0.6
          WFC 3.27
           AFL 0.96
           CMI 4.3
6/6/2016    SO 3.37
6/7/2016    JNJ 7.97
           WMT 1
6/8/2016     ADM 2.48
6/9/2016     MSFT 0.07
6/10/2016    XOM 8.08
            CVX 21.63
             EMR 0.95
              UTX 2.63
6/15/2016 PBA 0.35
                IP 1.55
               K 0.71
              MAIN 2.08
              STAG 0.91
6/17/2016 LB 1.04
6/20/2016 VFC 0.79
                 MCD 0.99
6/21/2016 VLO 3.09
6/22/2016 QCOM 1.06
6/22/2016 FLO 0.39
6/27                 MAIN 5.29* special Dividend
6/28                 RDS.A 11.41
6/30                 CCP 2.86
                LTC 1.08
                DLR 3.52
                UNP 2.11
                TROW 1.11
                 FTR         0.51

Total 98.16

Almost crossed the two digit mark $98.16, looking forward to September dividend to compare progress.

This will also add $7.67 to my forward dividend to $754.72 wow the power of compounding it's amazing.

How did you do this month?

Looking forward to add to the shares already own here to keep building this portfolio.

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

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