Recent purchase - April 2016 part II

Life is just been kick me on my but lately. So much to do so little time. That is one reason why investing in dividend growth stocks is essential to early retirement. As this allows you to take charge of your time to do as you see fit, i.e. Spending more time with your family.

Let's get right to the need grid of my recent purchases which took place in April 2016.

May 24, 2016
QCOM $115 2.0007 shares @ $55.61
UNP $100 1.1725 shares @ $81.92
IP $150 3.5220 shares @ $41.47

May 31, 2016
CAT $50 .6312 shares @ $72.96
MDT $50 .5735 shares @ $80.30
DLR $ 50 .4879 shares @ $94.38
FLO $50 2.4302 shares @ 18.95
WPC $50 .7204 shares @ $63.92
DE $50 .5578 shares @ $82.56
VLO $50 .8355 shares @ $55.12

May 31, 2016
LB $80 1.1660 shares @ $68.61
DIS $20 .2035 shares @ $98.30

The total purchase for the month of April couple with the dividend DRIP adds a total of $134.94 to my forward yearly dividend to $666.15

It is get closer to my 2016 goal of $1000 in yearly dividend.

What are your thoughts on recent purchase any suggestions?

I will add my first two weeks of purchase in the near future for the month of June, with Copa America Centenario 2016 and EURO 2016 happening now my time is really limited with all the other daily task and activities are planned for the summer. But stay tune for more to come.

What are you buying for next month as there are some potential I am looking at mostly Canadian banks and some industrials giants as well.

Thanks for reading?

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as a result. Please consult with an investment or tax professional before investing any of your money 


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