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Recent Buy - Capital One Investing

Another week has come and gone. Another week, another dollar was placed towards my early retirement freedom. This is an update to recent weekly Capital One Investing. I place the following orders on the last two weekly purchases. This should complete this years purchases. As we look forward to new year with fresh new goals and capital to invest. I will switch up and buy one stock per month, with a minimum of $250 per purchase to minimize on the fees and concentrated on more detail research where to invest.

December 22, 2015

CVX    $50.00     .50  shares   @90.60
CMI    $50.00      .53  shares   @ 86.21
XOM   $50.00     .59  shares   @ 77.51
COP    $50.00     1      shares   @ 45.80

December 29, 2015

CMI  $41    .41. Shares @ 89.89

Sharebuilder IRA

December 22, 2015

T   $74    2.05 Shares. @34.15

What are you buying? Any thoughts on recent buys?

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as a result. Please consult with an investment or tax professional before investing any of your money.


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