Recent Buy - Sharebuilder

Recent Buy - Sharebuilder

I was time to start another position to add to my growing portfolio of funds which one day will free me for mundane work which we all know I am starting to hate. I do enjoy the job, but not the politics of it or getting up 1 AM four days a week to get to work on time. With that been said I chose to start a position in Medtronic (MDT).

Medtronic is a global healthcare solutions company with over $9 billion dollars in revenue. They are a major player in most leading medical devices therapies and solutions in more than 150 countries and counting. They recently merged with Covidien which should boost profits within the minimal invasive division.

On December 18 I purchased 4 shares of MDT @ 76.77 total cost of 314.03

I do believed it's a little bit overprice on short term basis but it does have room to grow with the Covidien merger going forward. MDT current yield is 1.96% which gives it room to keep on raising dividend for next 10 to 20 years. I have been wanting to buy this stock for awhile know and I figure it was just about the right time to start the position moving forward and grew both the shares and dividend.

Happy dividend hunting.
What are you buy? What did you think of MDT?

Thanks for reading,

Disclaimer: Long on MDT

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