December 2018 Watchlist

December Watch list

As we approach a new month, it is time to start planning for what I could possibly buy next month.
November has been a slow month, although I made few small purchases and focus on trimming the amount of stocks I own. There are few more I wish to sell and start a new position. However, time will tell how I proceed. For now I am standing pat and waiting for opportunity in the market.

The market volatility has continue this month and it has become hard to identify places to park my funds. So I will be focusing on giant and company who have create a moat where it could stand any market volatility. I believe I sold most that do not last month ans this month. But there may be a few more I would like to sell.

What on my watch list for next month?

Let see what I could possibly buy. There are a few that I would like to own, for example ANTM, CINF, HUM, ADP, VFC, FDX, UTX. OXY, GILD, TROW and VLO.

However, they are out of my reach at the moment. I believe the market still has room to go down, so there may be possibility to own them in the future. However, I have been trimming the number of my position to be able to buy some of these stocks down the road.

So what could I possibly buy next month? here is my list.

However, Mr. Market could throw us a monkey wrench via volatility which could present a buy opportunity in the future. as I write this the market is up over 500 points (Dow) however that could change as we seem in recent weeks. As last month demonstrated with my lack of continue buy as I have done in the past, I will try to buy a minimum of 1 stocks and no more than 4 as we roll into the next year.

Out of my 9 possible buys, the most likely candidate to be purchase are ITW, LEG, IRM, CB and MAIN. I hope to buy no more than 4 for next month unless something drastic present itself.

I will be also looking to trim positions that I currently hold.

What do you think of my list?

What are you planning to buy next month?

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