Update from November 3-16

Update from November 3-16

With the end of 2018 fast approaching, I have been focusing on trimming the number of stocks to a level that I think I will feel comfortable adding shares to next year (2019). At the same time I also pick up some stocks that I will continue to add shares to as we move forward. So it is time to review and update what has happened to the fund over the last few weeks. As I sit here a little bit sick, I have under the weather for the last few days it has given me time to ponder and weight my options on what type of investment to make and where to go from here. It really has been a busy week from trying to evict a tenant, to a court appearance to facilitate that move and from being away from work because of illness mostly due to weather changes in New England. 

However, without further ado... let us look and review what I sold and purchase in the last few weeks:


Nobember 6, 2018
IBM 3 shares @ $122.578 total $367.71
BPL 3 shares @ $33.02 total $99.06

November 14, 2018
GSK 6 shares @ $41.01 total $246.06
RDS.A 5 shares @ $61.43 total $307.14
KHC 12 shares @ $52.70 total $632.40

November 16, 2018
MAIN 5 shares @ $38.75 total $193.75


November 14, 2018

CINR 9 shares @ $23.91 total proceeds $215.21
BPL 11 shares @ $31.52 total Proceeds $246.72
CPB 9 shares @ $39.25 total proceeds $353.25
BKE 12 shares @ $21.31 total proceeds $255.72

All the sales proceeds were deployed in adding to shares already owned or to purchase new stocks (RDS.A, GSK and KHC) they will be part of the fund for the next five years for sure. It was not that I did not like the stocks that was sold or did not believe they can be part of the fund. It was simple the fact I had to trim the fund and focus on fewer stocks on the portfolio to anchor the future growth of Dividend pursuit fund. I may purchase the stocks that were sold in the future, but at this time they do not fit the fund objectives.

What do you think of recent purchases and sell?

What have you been buying lately?

Thanks for visiting!

Dividend Pursuit

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed except for CINR, BPL, CPB and BKE.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor and not an investment professional. This site is only meant for educational or entertainment purposes only. I’m not liable for any losses suffered as a result. Please consult with an investment or tax professional before investing any of your money. 


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