July 2018 VI purchase

July VI Purchase

It has been another extraordinary month for sure. To end it, there is no better way than to add to my collection of dividend paying stocks who will contribute to my early retirement fund sooner rather than later. We all strive for one thing in life. That is enjoy life to the fullest with our love ones and enjoy the hard labor we put forth in our early years. So it is no surprise that I am putting forth the hard work now to enjoy my FIRE soon enough.

So without any further ado...here is what I collected this week to end month of July:

July 30, 2018
CFG 3 Shares @ $40.24 Total $120.72
WES 6 Shares @ $52.21 Total $313.26

Citizens Financial Group is a regional bank, headquarter in Providence, Rhode Island. They serve Most of New England States. It is one of the Major bank in Massachusetts and it was my first bank that I first started using about 25 years ago. It was part of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), before it was separated from RBS.

It has instituted a good dividend policy soon after went public few years ago. At the time it did not pay dividend and I did not want to buy it, however the time is right to start adding shares here and build a portfolio around this up and coming dividend achiever.

WES, has long been part of my portfolio since 2010, at one time or another. So when I decided to add oil this month it was part of my pick. I will add more oil companies soon hopefully before September to finish the sector.

What do you think of recent purchase? What are you buying and will buy next month?

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