August 2018 stock consideration

August 2018 Stock Consideration

Another month has begin and it is time to plan ahead and see what potential stocks, I could add to my collection. Last month ended with a bang and I add few good names to my collection. I hope to do the same this month. It was a busy month for sure, now will see how my new rental cash flow will contribute to my stock purchases. All the units have been rented after two months in the market and completed the screening of new tenant candidates. The new tenants are moving in today and the check for first and last was deposit into the account yesterday and the security deposit will be deposited by next Monday. 

Now it is time to look at potential stocks I have my eye on. However, like the saying goes Mr. Market could always present a different opportunity that open the door for other unseen opportunity.

Now lets take a look at some stocks on my wish list: PFE, AES, ETN, SO, JNJ, XOM, CVX, BP, SBUX, C, BBT, AEP, ADM, PPG, BA, PSX, DFS, LMT, LTC, MAIN, O, EPR, STAG, OGS, WTR, UTX, ED, K, UNP, NSC, AFL, MSFT, SU, SUN, CINR, and HCP.

That is a long list, realistically I may be able to add 5 new names. I hope to start adding shares to my already good list of collection on my fund.

What do you think of this list. Is there a name you been looking at?

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Disclaimer: Long on O, EPR, STAG and SBUX

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