January 2018 Dividend update

January 2018 Dividend update

End of the month and beginning of new month is probably the best time for Dividend Investors. This allows time to reflect on past month and set course for new month. Also one is collecting real dollar amount that eventually can grow to fuel your early retirement  and quit the rat race once and for all.

My first month of starting out again from the beginning here is my progress so far:

January dividend total $10.11
MAIN $1.83
STAG $8.28

Rental Cash flow: $-274.00 this total a negative $-263.89 for the month of January. Someone of the things I could do is raise the rent once upcoming lease are due to maintain a cash positive cash flow.
Hopefully we can see some real progress as I continue to add different stocks and built on the ones I already have here as well.

I have updated my dividend page to reflect last month dividend. However I will only track Dividend and no other income there.

How did you do last month?

Thanks for visiting.

Dividend Pursuit

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed.

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