Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Recent Purchase updates - September 2016 I

Its been awhile since I did an updated on recent purchase. So will keep it brief, as my time become very limited with dividend pursuit Jr. in pre-school Tuesday's are now pretty much get him ready for preschool try to accomplish few task linger through the week.

So without further ado here what I have been buy since end of August:

August 30 2016
FLO $80 5.02 shares @ $15.13

September 6, 2016
FLO $80  5.07 shares @ $14.99

September 13, 2016
TUP $110 1.67 shares @ $63.27
GE $100 3.20 shares @ $29.96
MAIN $50 1.34 shares @ $34.13

ROTH sharebuilder
August 30, 2016
WDR $50 2.46 shares @ $18.65

September 6, 2016
WDR $50 2.48 shares @ $18.51

September 13, 2016
STAG $50 1.98 shares @ $23.22
CLDT $50 2.41 shares @ $19.08
FAST $50 1.13 shares @ $40.53

IRA sharebuilder 
August 30, 2016
KNOP $20 .86 shares @ $18.58

September 13, 2016
CCP $100 3.22 shares @ $29.77

Each purchase albeit small is inching me closer to my milestone.
What do you think of recent purchases?
What are you buying?
Are you waiting for a pullback in the market?

As I see it building a dividend portofolio takes time and some luck as there is no way to correctly time the market. I will be buy regardless of the market condition as I see myself in the initial stage of accumulation phase. This is why I am also still automatically reinvesting my dividend to keep adding shares of this wonderful companies.

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

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