July 2016 Dividend payout & watch list


New month and time to reflect on last month dividend and plan for upcoming month.

So here is what  I receive via dividend payout during the month of July 2016

Date Ticker Amount
7/1 WSBC         0.71
7/5 TUB         0.68
7/8 ITW         1.25
KHC         1.2
7/15 PBA         0.35
WPC         7.9
MAIN         3.64
STAG         0.91
CINF         3.06
7/25 GE                 1.82
7/27 MDT         4
BKE         0.88
7/28 DIS                 1.34
BNS          5.42
7/29 LTC                 1.09
WDFC         0.16
Total                 $34.41

Wow!!! This double my equivalent month which was in April. The power of compound albeit small still taking its effect here adding $0.79 to my yearly dividend to $855.48.

Hope you did well!

Hoping to add more in next equivalent month in October 2016.

Now it's time to plan for next month purchases.

Here is my watch list: WFC, SUN, OKE, XOM, CVX, SO, VLO, JNJ, UTX, BG, MAIN, QCOM, ITW, BNS, UNP, AFL, CMI, IP and CAT 

Disclaimer: Long on all this stocks


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