Dividend raise

The most important aspect of buy dividend growth stocks it's the raises it provides year in-out. Some of my stocks gave me raises which is actually higher that I received as a federal employee. Beginning of the year all federal employees received a meager 1.3% raises. This is actually less than the minimum average inflation of 2%.

 So it's wonderful to see some of my stocks raising their dividend to at least keep up with inflation.

So without further-a-do here is the recent raises I received.

CINF raised their dividend from .46 to .48 a quarter which is actually 4.3% raise. And this brings their yield to 3.37%.  Not bad at all.

DLR raised their dividend from .85 to .88 a 3.5% raise. The yield is currently at 4.41% yield. I am planning on make them a cornerstone of my retirement fund in the near future.

VLO raised their dividend from .50 to .60 a whopping 20% wow that is what I am talking about. The yield is now 3.78%; there is a lot of room to grow here at current stock price with the oil set to stabilized between 35 to 50 long term.

WMT also raised raised their yearly dividend from .49 cents a quarter to .50 cents. Not bad this is a 2% raise to bring the yield to 3.03%. I will take that any day. As I continue to build up my portfolio each set of raises will bring me closer to an early retirement.

My current yearly dividend now stands at $369.96.

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Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed.

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