Recent Buy - Loyal3

Recent buy - Loyal3
February 2, 2016

It has been close to two weeks since I added to Loyal3 shares. So today I was due to add shares to my small portfolio of funds that will one day pay for all my expenses via dividend. I really like using Loyal3 to both add shares slowly and the ideal of buy stocks without any fees.

That been said here is what was posted on my Loyal3 for this week. I add one more stocks which I do believe is below valuation. So I added Intel (INTC) to my fund this week. Intel is the leader in the integrated design of manufacturing of microprocessors mostly in the personal computers side. But they are also moving to mobile devices and other venture which should add to core business. They also spend more on R&D than any of their peers which should bold well to changing dynamics in the interconnected world we live on.

They hold four fifths share of the market which makes it a wide moat in my view in the industry. Fourth-Quarter sales came in at astounding 14.9 billion, it's a modest 1% year over year; but consider market condition I think I will take that any day. My fair market price is $33.00 a share. I do think however it has room to grow. My purchase came in just above $30 which is fair. Morning star quantitative fair value is $35.80.

Without further ado here is the purchase which posted:

INTC $50  1.6656 shares @30.02
DIS $10  .1065 shares   @93.86
WMT $10  .1496 shares @66.83
VFC $10  .1583 shares  @63.17
KHC $10  .1310 shares  @76.32

I do not intend to make a lot of big purchase here on loyal3, but I do want to use
This account to show its possible to build shares even if you don't have a lot of additional capital to invest. It also possible to achieve financial freedom slowly if you continually invest regularly and let the power of compounding take over with time on you side.

This small purchases added $2.58 to my 12 month trailing dividend. The yearly dividend income is now $269.61 with this purchase. Also this does include recent raises from Valero, (VLO) and DRIP on dividend from last month. I am currently DRIP all stocks on Sharebuilder account, until I get to a point it's decent enough to add to and buy share on its own. I see that time fast approaching very soon on the near future, when such time arrive I will change my strategy

As I look forward to continue dividend growth I can see this continue to grow into a passive income to sustain my family lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on recent purchases?  What are you buying?

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed.

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