Sunday, November 29, 2015

Investing strategy

I have been investing in stocks since 2001. I have learn a lot, by making a lot of mistakes. But my strategy has change since late 2014 while reading Retireby40 journey and how he has achieved the milestone. It let me to a community that was not available to me previously. Then comes dividend mantra  his journey and his passion for investing inspire my previous thought process by creating passive income to pursuit early retirement. Hence this blog will serve to chronicle my journey to early retirement where I will share companies I am tracking and invest in. I will eventually share my current stock holding which I started to reinvest in late August 2014. I will track my current yearly dividend and eventually set a goal to achieve my milestone.

Recent Purchase February 2018

Recent Buy Halfway to the end of the month I made my first purchase to add to my dividend growth. It has been a busy second month speciall...