September 2018 III Purchase part II

Part II and September 2018 Purchase Part IV

As I closed part one of my September 2018 Purchase II, I realized I forgot to add one stock that was purchase. So I will take this opportunity to make an update on purchase part II and September Purchase IV. I can believe I was able to make four (4) different purchase this month and I was able to add quality stocks with long term track record. They will be the cornerstone of my FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) Fund. 

So without further ado... here is what I purchased:

September 17, 2018
VZ 7 shares @ $54.62 total $383.33

September 19, 2018
ABBV 8 shares @ $90.88 total $727.04
CB 3 shares @ $140.35 total $421.05
VZ 2 shares @ 53.62 total @107.24

Wow, I was able to add some quality stocks to my fund. 

VZ (Verizon), just raised it's dividend from $0.59 to $0.6025, that is 2.1% increase on par with what the government says the inflation rate is. Over long haul inflation erode earning power of our dollar. That is why I invest in quality stocks who raise dividend to keep up with inflation. 
This purchase will add $21.69 to my forward yearly dividend.

ABBV (ABBVIE), I continue to average down here, I did not plan to buy any new shares of ABBV this month; however, the market present an opportunity to average down, so I took advantage of it.
ABBV will go Ex-Dividend on October 12 and the dividend will be payable on November 15. This purchase will add $30.72 in forward yearly dividend.

CB (Chubb), I long want to purchase this stock. I had a long run and the price is a bit high here, but I want to start the position and over long term continue to add shares here. This purchase will add $8.76 in forward yearly dividend.

My forward yearly dividend is now $1098.47. Truly amazing what the power of compounding does. What do you think of recent purchases? What have you been buying lately?

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