February 2017 Dividend update

February 2017 Dividend update

It has been a few months of roller coaster which has leave little time to keep all of you updated on my progress. I have been buy mostly every week as usual but I cannot find time to make a post. I am doing this post on break now.

So will keep it straight to the point last month update dividend totals are in.

VZ 10.08
DE 2.43
OKE 5.87
MAIN 6.88
CAT 7.05

TD 1.84
WDR 5.88
CL 0.74
STAG 2.05
PPG 1.6
PBA 0.35
CLDT 1.04
PBA 0.35

T 6.54
AXP 0.36
OHI 1.24
ABT 2.65
ABBV 3.95
Totals 60.9

So in total I received $60.90 in Dividend. Hoping after we finally settle in the new house I will hopefully have more time.

How did you do last month?
What are you buying now?

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

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