September 2016 dividend payout

Dividendpursuit dividend payout September 2016

With September firmly on the books is now time to collect the dividend payout and see how we doing so far. Since it's also end of the quarter its will be great to evaluate how far we came towards meeting our year end goal, as far as the dividend are concern. 

Here is the wonderful companies who decided to share their goodwill with us in September 2016.
Date  ticker amount
9/1 WFC 4.07
INTC 0.6
GWW 0.4
AFL 0.97
PFE 0.34
CMI 4.56
9/2 BG 0.46
9/6 SO 4
JNJ 8.03
9/7 ADM 2.87
9/8 VLO 4.73
9/9 EMR 1.45
XOM 8.63
9/12 UTX 2.65
CVX 21.85
PPG 0.18
IBM 0.62
9/15 STAG 1.31
IP 2.1
MAIN 3.68
9/16 FLO 2.26
9/19 PBA 0.34
9/20 RDS.A 12.68
9/21 QCOM 1.07
9/29 TROW 1.12
9/30 CCP 6.04
UNP 2.12
CLDT 0.76
TOTAL 99.89

So close to reaching the $100.00 mark. This could almost cover this month electric bill of $145.00. Most of recent purchases have been focusing on my ROTH and IRA accounts, and the transfer of my Loyal3 account to JR. But it still inch me closer to first year dividend mark of $500.

My forward dividend now stands at $1050.64 after this month dividend reinvestment of $6.86
Also the first three quarters total dividend now stands at $485.50, I will definitely take that since I hope to only achieve $500 for the year and built the forward dividend to $1000 this year.

About you how did you do last month?

Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: Long on all stocks listed

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